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The Problem

With traditional basement shutters

When creating underpins in basements, formwork is necessary to retain the concrete whilst it cures.

Using conventional timber methods the workers have to construct the shutter in the hole and can be there for prolonged periods of time, these shutters are heavy and are usually demolished once the concrete has cured and have to be re-build in the next hole.

The other problem usually found is that the timber panels tend to float when the concrete is pored behind them which could lead to the shutter bursting.

The Solution

A patented, unique new design

We have designed a light weight interchangeable steel construction panel with a timber face which are available in one standard width (1220mm) and various lengths from 250mm to 1800mm.


Our Panels

Our panels are lighter than the conventional panels and do not require the workers to spend prolonged periods in the hole, once the concrete has cured the panels can be easily lifted out the hole and transferred to the next one without need for deconstruction.

Our Brackets

We have also designed various brackets which attach to our shutter panels to allow the user to back prop horizontally or diagonally and secure the panels against almost any soil conditions.


We also have an anti-lift bracket which secures the shutter panel at its base and does not allow it to lift.

The Design

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Figure 1 shows one of our shutter panel's
Figure 2 shows our 90° support bracket
Figure 3 shows our 45° support bracket
Figure 4 shows our spreader plate
Figure 5 shows our drag beam
Figure 6 shows our drag beam 45° bracket
Figure 7 shows our anti-lift bracket

What our clients have to say

But don’t just take our word for it...

“Pro Build are the best. Not only did they deliver my work on time, they even walked my dog when I was out of town”
A Smith – Neighbour

“Durable, sustainable and easy to use. Not only has it made life easier but also sped up my workforce a ten-fold. Thank you ProBuild!”
Brian Jones,  A Company

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